The Canyon

I love this picture. I was able to get this shot while at the lodge on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon as the sun was setting. The colors that the Canyon was putting on display this day were absolutely stunning.

The Canyon has the ability to make one feel small and sometimes it’s imposing nature can be intimidating. But, when you allow yourself to calm your spirit and breathe in the air and hear what the Canyon says to you through the sounds of the wind in the trees and animals that call it home, you will find yourself refreshed and a feeling of peace and contentment will wash over you.

The Canyon, for me, has a similar spiritual impact as standing in a grand cathedral in Europe although I might argue that the Canyon is more spiritually impactful. Standing at the North Rim and looking out upon this magnificent natural wonder I now understand why this place was so sacred to the original peoples who called this place home.

We have been to the Canyon many times and its grandeur never fails to shake me to my core. It is imposing, beautiful, sometimes scary, but always it is Grand. This park will always be one of my favorites and the North side, while more difficult to reach is now my absolute favorite part of the park. I hope you will have a chance to visit soon.

My recommendation is to travel to the north side in the fall and see the aspens as they put on an amazing display of color. Also, take a moment and find a quiet place to simply listen to what the Canyon says to you. You may just be surprised with what you leave with.

Peace and good vibes to you all 🤙🏼

“We haven’t been everywhere yet, but it’s on our list.” ~ adapted from Susan Sontag

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